I Dare You To Believe

As you walk around the earth I dare you to believe

that there is nothing more than what you can see

See it is impossible to think that the birds are for birds

and trees are for trees

But rather, as a monkey swings,

nature sings glory glory to the kings of kings

And what about me?

Am I made for Xbox and TV?

To bask in the glory of every retweet?

To see how many honors and awards I can achieve… for me?

NO… I was made in the image of something greater!

The created for the creator

My soul would be a mirror

So a stranger could see clearer

The reflection of my God, who Satan fears.

If an infant just mentions the king Satan will flea.

The weakest of human beings and Satan will flea?

How encouraging that God is on my team!

Yes he is on my team!

The God who created the stars and the sea, and he knows me by Reid.

Reid an imperfect being.

People would run away if they could see how I think?

Yet God still chose me…

So what will it be?

Will I live for man or eternity?

Man lives for now

While eternity lives forever

Man is a China Town knock-off

Eternity is real leather!

Man teaches hate

While eternity teaches love

Love is patient, love is kind, love is bound to no timeline.

Just like God… God is love.

And to love others is to show Him

That God loved us so much he would not stand for sin to win.

So let me be a tree

That isn’t here for me.

But to show your glory and majesty

That I reach for you always

And create seeds that spread in the breeze

so I can plant more trees who reach for the King.

So with all that I am and all that I have…

I will shout the name of my heavenly Dad…

Who knows when I will die since before my birth

O, Lord, Our, Lord, how majestic is

your name in all the earth!

There is a lot of truth in this poem. What were you created to do? Are you satisfied with where you are going? I could add my opinion in at this point but I would rather you just reread that poem and  be open to what the Lord wants to say to you.

photo (4)

That is a poem my brother wrote. I cannot help but reread this poem over and over again. The credit does not go to Reid but rather to God for using Reid to write this. Cool things happen when we use our gifts and talents for a something greater than ourselves.



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